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Mobile commerce and digital currencies are replacing traditional ordering and payment systems. Increasingly transactions are primarily made from smartphone to smartphone and consumers and merchants are transacting in digital currencies and with every payment consumers receive digital rewards.

Making Dining an Engaging, Convenient and Rewarding Experience

It’s no secret that many people — especially the younger demographic — prefer to skip the cash and pay with a credit or debit card. Some of the more tech-savvy have ditched conventional cards altogether and are storing their payment and loyalty card information solely on their smartphones or wearables.

Business owners want to offer their customers convenient and easy-to-use technology that empowers them with better experiences that include choices on how to pay, order and more. That’s where Perk Labs can help.

Perk Labs’ is the parent company of Perk Hero, which offers the most engaging digital ordering and rewards platform on the market.

Our customer-centric solution helps businesses provide their customers with compelling experiences at every point along the customer journey: acquisition, retention, referrals, and reviews.

From the consumer perspective, our shopping, payments, and loyalty solution allows customers to:

  • order & pay quickly and easily
  • store digital receipts
  • instantly collect points and cash back rewards
  • engage in gaming aspects by leveling up through continued purchases and promotions

What makes us truly different? Through each transaction, customers are rewarded for their loyalty by receiving ongoing offers and incentives. At the same time, merchants are able to leverage personalized data-driven promotions drive new customer traffic, improve operational efficiency, and access a new channel for revenue.

The rise of mobile has reshaped customer expectations and changed whole sectors to incorporate digital experiences that are engaging, customized and frictionless.  In a world where smartphones are part of everyday life, Perk Labs is at the forefront of this change. 

Let us help you leverage mobile technology where it can have the biggest impact – on customer loyalty. 

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Customer Experience & Continual Improvement

We believe that the key to our success is our relationship with our merchants and users and we are constantly working to improve those relationships. Based on feedback loops from our merchants and users, we are continuously innovating and updating our products to improve our customer experience. We encourage all of our  employees to regularly visit our merchants and communicate to the rest of our organization how our business is working.


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