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Careers and Culture

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Headquartered in downtown Vancouver, B.C., Perk Labs Inc. is always searching for individuals who can help advance our mission of making shopping and dining experiences more engaging, rewarding and convenient.

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At Perk Labs, our people and culture are our secret weapons. What makes Perk Labs an exceptional place to work is the open and honest communication our culture makes possible. It is also what allows Perk Labs to attract, retain and enrich the talented people whose innovations and collaborations drive our company.

  • Get Stuff Done: Working hard, working smart & working to great effect
  • Open & Honest Communication: Open transparency and discussion enables us to make the best decisions
  • Accountability & Integrity: We care for our people, our shareholders & our communities

We are proud of the culture that helps make Perk Labs great, and we seek out opportunities to celebrate, examine and share these values that strengthen and drive our company.


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