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Creating impactful digital customer experiences

Digital loyalty and mobile payment platform powered by AI, data analytics and gamification technology

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Perk Labs is the owner of Perk Hero, an all-in-one loyalty reward and mobile payments platform that empowers businesses to delight their customers with an experience that is engaging, rewarding and convenient. 

Perk Hero enables businesses to provide their customers with pre-order, delivery and pick-up capabilities, quick secure payments, digital rewards, and a better, more personalized customer experience. This leads to increased customer engagement, retention and revenue for merchants. Visit to learn more.

Perk Labs also looks to partner with and invest in innovative companies and emerging technologies. Perk Labs currently holds equity in such innovative companies as Euro Asia Pay Holdings Inc. (, and Better Plant Sciences ( (CSE: PLNT) (OTCQB:VEGGF) .


Perk Labs is home to an array of talent. Our diverse, passionate team comprises developers, business development pros and client service reps, working together to deliver engaging solutions to our clients and their customers. 

We help our clients grow through our proprietary digital loyalty platforms. Our team is nimble, works closely together, and their fresh perspectives are not only welcomed,  they’re encouraged. What’s more, our leadership is always available when needed and strives to create a culture of innovation to meet the changing needs of our customers.


Perk Labs is at the forefront of a technological shift. Our technology features an advanced pre-ordering system, artificial intelligence, secure digital payment technology, and a gamified loyalty reward system all in one place. Perk Hero provides local businesses with a tool to engage and retain loyal customers, deliver a better, more convenient customer experience and increase operational efficiency. 


At Perk Labs, partnerships are key in creating value and delivering the best experiences for our customers.

Perk Labs is focused on forging partnerships with leaders across the fintech industry to expand our services and offerings, create better customer experiences and develop new markets.

We welcome the opportunity to explore mutually beneficial channel partnerships with Perk Labs. If you’d like to explore a partnership, please click the link below.

Perk Hero

Perk Hero’s goal is to deliver the most engaging mobile ordering, payments and rewards platform on the market that focuses on a fun and personalized app experience.


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